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I would like to use the Umberger 2010 metabolic model for computing the total metabolic power Pmet, instead of the default simple model.
When I set
'Main.Studies.InverseDynamicStudy.MetabolicModel = &MetabolicModels.MetMdlUmberger2010;'
the total Pmet can't be calculated, because the metabolic powers of all muscles in spine and cervical spine show values of 'NaN'. The Pmet of the other muscles can be calculated (upper and lower extremities).

With the simple metabolic model and the Bhargava model, it works.

Do you know, what could be the problem?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Elana,

The problem is that the spine muscles are missing some parameters which this metabolic model needs… these parameters are present in lag and arm.

We are working on improving this but i do not have solution ready at the moment for this, i am sorry.

Best regards

Hi Søren,

thanks for your answer.
Is it somehow possible to calculate the metabolic power for upper and lower extremity with the Umberger model and simultaneously for the spine with the Bhargava model?
Or can I only choose one Metabolic Model for all muscles in one simulation?

Thank you,


Hi Elena,

Yes this is possible.

In the study you can specify the default metabolic model to use then all muscles will use it. If you then specify in e.g. the spine muscles that they should use a different model using the they will do that. This can be done by settting the "MetabModel" property in the muscle.

Best regards,

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