MinMax Recruitment solver in Shoulder model


I use the Standing model and apply the MinMaxRS to the main file. The supraspinatus’ F0 is set to 0.001 (immobilized). When I perform an abduction of 45° with -20 N applied to the hand, AnyBody tells me that there is a muscle overload. ???
Isn’t the model supposed to realize the most synergism?

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Hi Hauke,

By “Muscle overload”, the system means that one or more of the muscles in the system is loaded above 100% of its MVC. This is quite as expected in your case since you have removed the supraspinatus, which is possibly the most important shoulder abductor, from the system and then ask the model to abduct its arm. It simply means that there is no combination of muscle activation possible that can abduct the arm against the load you have applied without overloading the system.

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