MoCap data reduced to zero

Dear all

I have been trying to set up a model of a flexing knee, based on motion capture data from 3 markers on the tibia and femur respectively. When running my script, no errors appear, though no motion appears either when I run the kinematic analysis.

As far as I believe, something is going wrong at the point of the interpolation of the C3D data. When digging in the C3D data, I find my data points under ‘Holder1_1.Pos’, though the interpolated values are just zero (Holder1_1.PosInterpol.Data). I tried to modify the interpolation type though this really didn’t solve the issue.

Does anybody has a suggestion on this?

thanks in advance!

ps: I had to modify the extension of my “.c3d” file to .txt since I was not able to upload this file otherwise (so you probably need to set it back if you want to analyse it)

Hi Mathias,

try to add to the C3D Input

MarkerUseAllPointsOnOff = On;

Thanks Amir, that indeed resolved the problem!