MoCap-GM Foot Questions


I am using the MoCap-GM Foot Model in AMS 6 and I have a couple of questions.

First of all, how can I change the F0 (maximal isometric muscle force) of a specific muscle?

Second, how can I input my own C3D and/or force plate data into the MoCap-Gm Foot model?



If you want to change F0, you have to find F0 of the specific muscle in the main model tree, on the left side in the AnyBody Modeling System.
for example at:


You see that it is (Editable*)

Here you can right click on the value and

  • choose either “Locate in AnyScript” and edit the value there. Please be aware, that it will change that value in your Body folder for ALL your models!!!

  • or choose “Set Value” and change it only for this model, once it is loaded.

In order to run the FootMoCap model on new MoCap data, you need to have a C3D file with the same markers as used before and follow the same principle as for the normal MoCap Model