MoCap-GMFoot.main load failed

I want to run the GM MoCAP foot model.But when I load the model,one error appears as following:
Evaluating constants…
ERROR(SCR.EXP.FUN.EXT4) : C:/P…s/A…y/A…0/AMMR/A…n/Beta/M…t/S…g/RBFLandmarks.any(78) : ReadMLFile : AnyBody.Python extension module is not installed or does not match installed version of Python.
Model loading skipped

I have installed the python according to the instruction.
And add the following words in the top of AnyBody main file
#path ANYBODY_PATH_PYTHONHOME “D:\Anaconda2\envs\py37_foot”.I have tried many times,but it always failed.

Could you please give me some suggestions?Thank you!

Best regards!
John Tiger

Hi John,

I think it can be two things.

1: there is a version conflict on AMS and python, both need to be either 32 bit or 64 bit, they can not be different
2: Please try to use python 2.7

Best regards


Thanks for your message!
I have paid attention to the problems that you mentioned. As for the software,
AMS and python are both 64 bit and python version is 2.7.

But the error still exists.

I guess if the sentence
#path ANYBODY_PATH_PYTHONHOME “D:\Anaconda2\envs\py37_foot” is not right.Or
something else causes the problem.
Best regards,

Hi John,
You probably have changed the name in the env, but i noticed you have the env as :


when the anybody website has the location as :



To create and use the environment please follow these two steps:

Open a prompt
write: conda create --name py27_foot --file FootModelPython_spec_file.txt
in the top of your AnyBody main file please write :
#path ANYBODY_PATH_PYTHONHOME “TYPE_IN_YOUR_PATH_TO_ANACONDA\Continuum\Anaconda2\envs\py27_foot”

Hi John, I’ve found the problem.

When I change the directory path to the correct location on my computer

My model fails with the message:

ERROR(SCR.EXP0) : D:/D…s/AMMR/A…n/Beta/M…t/S…g/RBFLandmarks.any(4) : ‘Points1’ : Error in expression. Please refer to the following error messages for details …
ERROR(SCR.EXP.FUN.EXT8) : D:/D…s/AMMR/A…n/Beta/M…t/S…g/RBFLandmarks.any(78) : ReadMLFile : Exception in Python extention module.
Python error : File “D:\Documents\AMMR\Application\Beta\MoCap-GMFoot\Scaling\”, line 24

This error is due to and indenting issue on line 24 in the ReadMeshLab in file having a tab at the start of line 24, when it should be 4 spaces:

Line24:        vec = [float(res[0]), float(res[1]), float(res[2])]

You should double check your #path file is correct (location and any potential admin blocks) and that the start of line 24 of the ReadMeshIn is changed from a tab to 4 spaces.

Attached is the edited ReadMeshLabIn file with the edit.

I am using python 3.5


Thanks very much for your reply!
Now it runs smoothly.


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