I import a c3d to AnyBody model,but the globalref direction is inconsistent. How can I solve it?


I assume you are using the MocapModel.

Please have look in the TrialSpecificData.any file of the model, it contains a setion call InitialPosition here you can change the initial orientation of the

Please have a look at this web page:

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Thank you for your help, it run correct, but when it run Inverse dynamic analysis, it always has this error
ERROR(OBJ1) : C:/U…s/P…U/A…a/R…g/A…y/A…x/A…o/A…n/E…s/M…4/M…l/JointsAndDriversOptimized.any(12) : JntDriverTrunk : Time, ‘t’, has an invalid value for this interpolat


The model contains two steps a kinematic step and an inverse dynamic step.

The kinematic step saves joint angles in files, which the inverse dynamic model then uses to drive the motion with.

The error you get is becuase either tEnd is bigger that that the time values in your study or that the tstart value of the study if smaller than the first time value in the file.

To fix it, you may need to modify the tstart and tend in the TrialSpecificData.any file so that it fits with times in the C3D file.

Please have a look again in the document i linked to in the previous post.

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Thank you. But I am not change any value from this model.

AnyIntVar FirstFrame = C3DFileData.Header.FirstFrameNo + Main.TrialSpecificData.FrontFrameOffset;
AnyIntVar LastFrame = C3DFileData.Header.LastFrameNo - Main.TrialSpecificData.LastFrameOffset;
AnyIntVar nStep =(LastFrame-FirstFrame+1);
AnyFloatVar tStart = FirstFrame/C3DFileData.Header.VideoFrameRate;
AnyFloatVar tEnd = LastFrame/C3DFileData.Header.VideoFrameRate;
AnyFolder Macros={};


Gravity = Main.TrialSpecificData.Gravity;
tStart = Main.ModelSetup.tStart+2Kinematics.ApproxVelAccPerturb;
tEnd = Main.ModelSetup.tEnd-2
nStep = Main.TrialSpecificData.nStep;
InitialConditions.MaxIteration = 20000;
Kinematics.MaxIteration = 20000;


It could also simply be that you did not finish the MotionAndOptimization study correctly?

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But I run the MotionAndParameterOptimizationModel correct.

please upload your model to the “debug model” section

The model is run correct, but for some c3d data, the foot is wrong.Can you tell me why?


Please upload your model in the debug section:

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Thank you, I find if I modify the FootLengthOnOff=“Off”, it will be correct.