MoCap on a ramped treadmill

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We measured some subjects on an inclined and declined dual belt treadmill (+-5° and +- 10°). We would like to implement this in the Plug-in-gait_MultiTrial_StandingRef? Especially, we were wondering how to make sure the ground reaction force is applied well and how to alter the conditional contact template.
Does anyone have experience with this?

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Kate Duquesne

Hi @kateduquesne

We don't have any examples with inclined force plates, unfortunately.
You will need to ensure that the mocap systems saves the forceplate data correctly with respect to the plate corner data, forces and orientations - that should ensure that AnyBody loads the plate in as inclined/declined. Further you need to calibrate the force data in the inclined position (when recording).

Out of curiosity what treadmill is it? are the forceplates part of the treadmill as well?

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Dear Bjorn

Currently, loading the c3d file in AnyBody does not incline the force plates. I'll try to adapt the c3d.
The system we use is the GRAIL (Motek) (GRAIL - Yes, the force plates are part of the treadmill.

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