Model setting problem

Hello guys,
I tried to implement FDK features to the tmj.Here is my code:
AnyKinEqSimpleDriver TMJ_JntR_Z_Constraint = {
AnyKinMeasure &TMJ_JntR_Z=.TMJ_JntR;
DriverPos = {0,0,0};
DriverVel = {0,0,0};
Reaction.Type = {Off,Off,Off};
But the following appeared:
Constraint violations for study 'Main.CalibrationMandibleStudy' :
Constraint #4 is above tolerance 1e-06, error = 0.037000, constr. #0 in 'Main.ModelForCalibration.CalibrationDrivers.GroundSkullJnt.Constraints'.
Constraint #5 is above tolerance 1e-06, error = 0.014000, constr. #1 in 'Main.ModelForCalibration.CalibrationDrivers.GroundSkullJnt.Constraints'.
Constraint #12 is above tolerance 1e-06, error = 0.012000, constr. #2 in 'Main.ModelForCalibration.CalibrationDrivers.JawPositionCalibration'.
ERROR(OBJ.MCH.KIN2) : CalibrationMandible.any(33) : CalibrationMandibleStudy.InitialConditions : Model is kinematically over-constrained.
What can I do to solve these problems?

Hi Hong,

I would suggest you go through the AnyBody tutorials.

Especially, the tutorials on force dependent kinematics.

Regarding your error, your model is kinematically over constrained. I suppose you have just added a new driver to a model that was previously running without error. If you add a new driver, then you must free up some existing constraints, or set some of the constraints as soft constraints that can allow some violations. If you use soft constraints, you will also need to set the study to use the overdeterminate solver. Please see the reference manual and the tutorials for more info.

Best regards,