Modeling load on the head

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I was wondering if it is possible to model forces on the spine with head loading (like what people do in under developed countries for transport of water).

Hi @amirsalamat

Yes that is possible.

You can either just apply a force to the head segment or you can model whatever the person is carrying and connect it to the head.

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Hi @Bjorn
Thank you for your kind reply. I am quite new to Anybody. Is there a step by step guide where I can model a 20kg bucket (or equivalent force) on a walking human body, and extract a results chart on applied forces on each vertebrae.


Hi @amirsalamat

There is not one demo case that displays exactly what you need, but you can find the different components in our tutorials.

You will find them here.
try to complete number 2, 3 and 6. That should give you examples of how to do what you want.

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