Motion Capture Model

hi I am new in AnyBody. and I want to learn how to get results from Motion Capture or C3d data. I tried to learn from tutorials but I am not able to deploy waht is mentioned there. :frowning:
I have data from pateint and I want to make a MoCap model. Will you guide me the steps which I should kept in mind regarding solving motion capture technique to get results.
Looking forward for your kind response.


Please have a look at this webcast it contains a description of our newest mocap model AnyMocap

The model can be found here

Also please have a look at these pages http://

These pages are related to an older model but many of the steps will be the same.

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HI Søren,
Thanks alot for your kind reply. I downloaded files and got following error.
Looking forward for yor precious advice.
Best regards,
Usman Malik

Hi Usman,

I think this relates to possibly wrong version of AMS and AMMR, the model requires AMS 7.0 and the AMMR that comes with that AMS version.

So please install AMS 7.0 and use the AnyBody Assistance to unpack the newest AMMR.

Then you need to make the AnyMocap model use the AMMR by modifying the libdef.any file or simply copy the AnyMocap model into the application folder of the AMMR.

If you do not have access to AMS7.0 i recommend to use the MocapModel in the application folder of AMMR, this is the model the wiki pages refers to.

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Dear Soern,
Thanks alot for your reply. I have my marker postions.Should I start first with changing marker positions there in the code and then add customized\Scaled bone in the MoCap model?
Looking forward for your kind response.

Dear Søren,
I am changing marker positions data in markers.any file. In Markers.any file of MoCap model some marker postions are given like right toe and right heel of foot but I have my markers also on right midfoot superior (where laces are placed) and also at Right midfoot lateral (exactly below the midfoot superior marker, close to the floor).
What technique should I use to have a exact location of my markers in markers.any file for locating the position of desire marker.
Looing forward for your kind response.
Best Regards

Hi Malik,

The sRel values for the markers relates to the position of the wrt the bones anatomical frame. Usually you will use the ModelView as visual guide to obtain a good location. Secondly you will use the marker optimization to fine tune the location of the markers.

The OptX,Y,Z settings can be used to control if the markers are optimized or not. If the setting is on it will be optimized in position, note that you will need to have some markers locked in position “off” otherwise the optimization problems becomes undetermined.

Best regards

Thanks for your reply.
I added a marker and I loaded model but I got Error:
I added a marker at right ankle medial. Right ankle lateral is already there in marker code.
I have to add markers manually or there is any other technique?
Looking forward for your kind reply.

Hi Malik,

The error you is because you seem not to have a marker with the name “RNKA?” in the C3D file.

Please review your C3D file in eg. the program MOKKA and the look at the names it stores the markers with, you will need to use the exact same names when you define the markers. So if a marker is named RKNE in the C3D file it needs the same name in the marker definition file.

You will have to define the marker manually, but typically many of the markers you need to define are already in the standard model but possibly with a differeret name, in this case you need just to replace the name, and you can reuse the other settings this saves some time.

Best regards