Motion Regeneration


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I am new to AnyBody and am currently going through the tutorials.

Was wondering, if AnyBody is capable of reading Velocity and Acceleration (Angular or Linear) profiles. I have with me devices that output these parameters.

I have gone through the pendulum tutorial, but the input in the .txt is in terms of position, so was wondering if i could possible generate a motion using the parameters captured by the devices - without getting into position information.

Also, i came across a few threads in the archieves that hooked up with data from MOCAP - the files were made available at yahoo groups, are they still made available?

And was also wondering if i could access materials from previous webcasts?


Hi Alpha

Welcome to the forum If you want to drive model with measured data it has to be a position so you will need to integrate your data to obtain this. Then you can use the AnyKinEqInterPolDriver for it, it is not possible to drive the model using vel. or acc. data only, it needs the position.

The files you have looked at are most likely the GaitApplication2 which can optimize the model motion to follow best possible the recorded markers. and the c3d2any converter which can convert the c3d files to anyscript files. Both files are available form the AnyForge section of the community, they have their own projects, please visit the gaitapplication2 and c3d2any projects, here you can download the latest versions.

The best model to look at if you are interested in driving the model with mocap data is the GaitUniMiami model, it contains a 15 step procedure to follow, it is not easy the first time you try this, future releases of the AnyBody modeling system will make this easier.

The webcast’s are all available for download from
you need to log in to be able to see them. Among those webcast you will also find a webcast by Michael Skipper Andersen about the gaitapplication2.

Hope this helps you move on, otherwise please write again.

Best regards
Søren, AnyBody Support