Multi limb contact during gait analysis

In the case of gait analysis with a subject with very small steps leading to contact with a particular force plate with the two legs at the same time,
are the results as realistic as with each leg in contact with a force plate separately?

The two legs could be in contact with the same force plate, while one of the legs is partially stepping on the two force plates at the same time (the two force plates are adjacent to each other)
Does this cause confusion for the solver to assign the boundary conditions to the associated limb?


Hi @Ahmed

Our forceplate class has a switch ALLOW_MULTILIMB_CONTACT which allows two feet on one plate.
I am a little unsure if you also ask for the case where one foot is in contact with two plates at the same time?

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Hi @Bjorn

I am aware of

which I already turn it ON.
However, I have another concern, which is the foot is in contact with two force plats at the same time. Is that Ok? should I adjust something else to adapt to such a case?

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Hi @Ahmed

It is not the most typical case so I'm not 100%, but I don't see why it should not work out of the box.
I suggest you try it and I would like to hear the result of it if you don't mind.

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