Muscle force calculation

I am confused when using anybody software to export muscle forces, for example, VastusMedialisMid contains 6 muscles, I think when I use the force of VastusMedialisMid, should I sum up the 6 muscle forces to calculate a total force, or should I choose the largest VastusMedialisMid1_2 as the muscle force of VastusMedialisMid, I look forward to your answer, thank you!
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_1
0.000000, 16.491391,
2.500000, 16.491393,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_2
0.000000, -127.750935,
2.500000, -127.750940,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_3
0.000000, -5.373379,
2.500000, -5.373379,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_4
0.000000, -0.706500,
2.500000, -0.706500,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_5
0.000000, 2.366724,
2.500000, 2.366723,
*AMPLITUDE, NAME=AMPL_Leg_Mus_VastusMedialisMid1_6
0.000000, 0.106152,
2.500000, 0.106152,

Hi Ccran,

The force exporter export all the forces acting on a bone, you should use all these forces to ensure the balance in the model.

The multiple muscle branches is there because large muscles are split into individual lines to better represent the geometry, so again you need to use all of them.

Best regards

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