muscle forces during walking

Dear AnyBody experts:

I am trying to estimate the joint&muscle forces during walking and assign them as boundary conditions for FE. I am using AnyBody 6.0.1, and I started with MoCaplModel provided in AMMRv1.6.1. By making necessary changes in the InverseDynamicStudy I was able to generate a xml file for all the joint/muscle forces. Because I used the default tstart and tend nStep (around 3-4 walking cycles), this file is around 34 Mb.

Before I even try to generate an Abaqus input file based on this xml, I wonder if anyone has previous experiences and might be able to provide some suggestions. Specifically I wouldn’t be surprised if I run into problems due to the size of musculoskeletal analysis results. What’s the recommended length of loading time or if there is a limit of how big the analysis should be?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Best regards


Hi Phoebe,

No, it’s not a problem. The produced XML contains much more than just the information that you need. This is why it might be quite big. But the converter will automatically extract needed information and prepare an Abaqus input deck.