muscle modeling

Dear AnyBody,

I have asked on this forum before how to muscle fatigue. Most suggestions I received were to reduce the muscle capacity F0. I wonder if there is any more sophisticated option, as fatigue is represented by both reduction in amplitude and frequency.

The first thought is that is it possible to use EMG to drive the model? I am aware that AnyBody is based on inverse dynamics but still wondering if forward dynamics will be included in the future?

The second thought is if we can incorporate a new muscle muscle model (, which leads to an altered force generating profile representing fatigue. i.e., replace AnyMuscleModel3E with a theoretic muscle fatigue model.

Your insightful thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Phoebe,

I will try to answer the questions.

Reducing the F0 based on the activation history is one way this can be done more or less advanced so taking max activity, frequency into account. I do not have an example of this but i do not see fundamental techinical challenges in implementing it. The difficulty will be to know how much the muscle capacity should be reduced in a realistic way.

The F0 value of the 3E muscle model can be altered like in the other muscle models, you could possible also change other parameters in the model over time to make the model behave differently, but again the problem will be to know how the force generation profiles should look like.

It is also possible to create you own muscle model using the object AnyMuscleModelUsr1.

Best regards