Muscle moment related to the joint

Hi everyone,
I have a couple of questions:

  1. In the model tree, we have, for example, TibialisAnterior1, TibialisAnterior2, and TibialisAnterior3. In the real world, the total force of the Tibialis Anterior is the sum of these three muscles?

  2. Also, I modeled a passive band that applies forces around the hip joint, attached to the skeleton by two nodes, one on the thigh and another on the pelvis. How can I measure this band’s moment around the hip?

  3. Finally, I’m using AMMR.v2.1.1 and AnyBody version: 7.1, which does not have a function to calculate the net metabolic energy expenditure. How can I estimate this measure?


Hi Ali,

  1. That is correct.
  2. You can do so using AnyForceMomentMeasure2. Please see the reference manual.
  3. You could perhaps work with the Pmet available in the Study. It's a simpler model compared to the metabolism models released in AnyBody 7.2. Unfortunately, I am not sure how these models can be implemented in previous versions of AnyBody.

Best regards