Muscle recruitment solver problem during InverseDynamics analysis


I’m trying to run the inverse dynamics analysis on a trial of a person running on a treadmill, but when I do I get this error:
“Muscle recruitmens solver: solver aborted after maximum number of iterations”.

I’m able to run the kinematic analysis without any problem, but few steps into the inverse dynamics analysis the error occurs.
I’m using my own C3D file (a person running on a treadmill) in the AnyMocapModel, predicting the GRF and only have the leg muscles ON.
I’ve tried some of the solutions suggested in ealier forums - changing the power criterion to 2 or changing LimitDisHigh, but none of them worked.

I’m new in using AnyBody and therefore also new in fixing errors, but I’ve managed to run the full Inverse Dynamic Analyses on all of my other trials with the same model, without problems.

Any ideas of what the problem could be, and how I could fix it?

Best Regards

Hi Cecilie

My best guess would also be to change the power criterion to 2. If you can share your model I can try to have a look at the problem. Maybe I can spot something which you have overlooked.


Hi Morten.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve attached my model as a zip. If you need other files let me know.

Best regards,
Cecilie (2.6 MB)

Hi Cecilie

I haven’t gotten around to look at your example yet. And it may have to way until next week. I am sorry, but don’t feel bad about reminding me next week.

Hi Morten.

Have you had time to look at my model?


Sorry Cecilie. I just been too busy. I looked at it now. The 18km/h trial failed for me as well. Even when setting the power of the recruitment criterion to 2. It is really strange. I will try to look at the accelerations of the motion. Maybe it is caused by noise or marker dropout which gives high accelerations in the kinematic data… I will try to dig deeper.

I also got a strange warning which doesn’t make any sense:

  List of redundant reactions: 
   0: Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.ShoulderArm.Jnt.ScapulaAIThorax_ContactReaction[0]
   1: Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Left.ShoulderArm.Jnt.WristJointDeviation.Constraints.Reaction[3]

Do you get that as well? I don’t think you need to worry about that, but I will see if I can find the cause of it.

Hi Morten.

Thank you for helping me… It’s strange. I’ve tried to check for marker dropout, but maybe I’ve missed something.

I don’t remember getting those warnings when I run the trial.

Hi Morten.

Have you had time to look at the accelerations or other solutions to the problem?


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