Muscle strength matches bone strength

dear anybody

I exported the output.inp file via AnyFE2Abq and loaded it into Abaqus software, but always encountered that all the forces (muscle and joint forces) were loaded in one place (on the femoral head) instead of distributed over the entire femur surface, as was the case with the femur model from the Anybody Model Library. Can you help me analyze the reason? thank you




Hello, Pavel
Thanks for your reply. With your reminding, I changed the unit and successfully loaded the force into the model,I was doing a finite element analysis of the femur using ABAQUs with joint and muscle forces derived from anybody, the model of the femur was also derived from anybody.However, the problem of "Too many attempts made for this increment" always appeared in the analysis. I tried to delete the muscle force and only retained the force of the hip joint and knee joint for analysis, but the same error occurred.And I try to use the hip joint reaction force is analyzed, and the same error, I finally put all of the forces and constraints to delete, reload the simplified force and distal femoral fixation, can be normal through the analysis of abaqus, I don't know the reason why happen this problem, is it because the force derived from anybody femur model did not match completely, How to solve this problem?

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