My C3D data don‘t load, show mark error

Dear friends, I use myself c3d date in the AnyBody appliction Plug-in-gait-simple model,I tried change gait model to suit my c3d date ,but all data from this experiment show LPSI error message,not one ,but all date is this.In this experiment, I tried to increase the rigid body of a device,but i delete another marker in i creat a new rigid body,only the marking points on the body are left when export c3d date in the (312.5 KB)


First of all, could you please provide more information about your affiliation - this is a professional forum and we would like to know who we are helping.

Secondly, it looks like you have a problem with tStart and tEnd that you can control in TrialSpecificData.any. Please check that you have a good selection.

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Dear pagalibraov,
Thank you for your response.Firstly,I come from Shandong sport university (144.3 KB) China,you can see this in my profile.My research group bought this software to help us better understand the movement of human body,but I encountered a lot of problems wnen I operating this software,and after-sale service did not seem to understand how to solve this problem.
Secondly,I have changed tStart and tEnd in TrialSpecificData.any in this project,but the result is still is error,I will show my c3d file information in my attachment.Would you please help me to check whether the coordinates of my marker point are correct?

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Hi @zhizhi

The error indicate that you have wrong values in your tStart and tEnd or FirstFrame and LastFrame parameters.
Check the total time by loading in the whole c3d file and inspect the data in it.
Your file seems to start around 617 and stop at 997 so you cant specify frames outside that region.

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Dear Bjorn

Thank you for your suggestions,I think this problem was solved.In Mokka software,I was used to set Reframe from one,that's really a bad habbit.I follow your suggestion to set tstart and tend frame in the intercepted c3d file interval. Your suggestion will give me a deeper understanding of AnyBody.

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