New marker creation

Hi Søren.

Problem solved. The .stls I got were not in ascii format. Thanks!

I would have another question. I am trying to add a new marker into the foot
segment. So far I have:

-Added a new folder (marker) to MotionTrackerInclude.any

-Added a new node in the corresponding folder (FootR) in the
MarkerPosOnBody.any file.

-Added a new AnyKinEqSimpleDriver to JointsAndDrivers.any file.

-And naturally, the motion trajectory txt file is in the same folder in the
same format as the rest of the markers (P1-15).

After some simple mistakes, everything seems to be ok, but I’m still getting
the classical:

ERROR : C:\Program
Files\AnyBody.2.0.0\Repository.5\ARep\Aalborg\FootApp\FootApp.Main.any(87) :
AnyBodyStudy : unexpected

I have not modified the FootApp.Main file. I have been looking for a missing
}; but with little success. I have the feeling that something more fundamental
is missing?



— In, “AnyBody Support” <support@a…> wrote:
> Hi Jari
> Happy new year
> It sounds as there could be some problem with the .stl file you are
> trying to convert. Please make sure that the .stl file is a text
> file and not a binary file.
> If it is a text file, please try to upload it to the file section of
> the group and we will try to load it into a model.
> Best regards
> Soeren AnyBody Support

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