New version of TLEM model


I’m studying the new version of the TLEM model (v1.1) in the AMMR 1.6. I noticed that some of the muscle origins/insertions from the cadaver dataset have been modified. Take for example the insertion of the “adductor magnus mid” nodes, which were moved 1 cm in the Z direction. If you look at these nodes on the model, they no longer lie one its insertion line.

Some of these modifications are explained in the code, but some others are not explained, which is problematic because we do not know whether these modifications were wanted or not.

I’ve been told that the femur and tibia bone do not correspond to the TLEM cadaver dataset v. 1.1, and that they were fitted using a fitting between the STL geometries an a point cloud of muscle attachment points. However, if we look at the result, some of the nodes are not located at the right place on the bone.

I also know that this going to be fixed in the next dataset (2.0), since the cadaver bones will be included. Where do you plan to release the new dataset ? If it is relatively soon, I may not want to work too hard on the actual TLEM model and wait the next release.

Thank you.



all changes have been made on purpose, but all those changes should have been described. Do you have a list of what you cannot explain?

TLEM morphology will not be released this year. Therefore I don’t think you should wait for it.

Hi aalmunajjed,

Thank you very much for your reply. I think that it is important for every scientist who uses the AnyBody TLEM leg model to understand that there were different modifications that were applied to the original dataset when the TLEM leg model was built in AnyBody. It is also important to know which modifications were made, why they were made (eg. error in the original dataset) and how this affect the “realism” of the model.

Thank you again :slight_smile: