"No Found License" when Running Anybody Plug-in Programs

I downloaded plug-in programs,Any2abq and Any2ADPL, from the official
web in order to use Anybody files(eg.xml,etc) in Abaqus or ANSYS for
FE analysis. However, when running the two exe(Any2abq and Any2ADPL),
it showed “No Valid License” in the DOS. Then I copied the license
which was given for Anybody 5.3.0 Trial version to the folder of
Any2abq and Any2ADPL,but still “No Valid License”.

  1. How can I get the license?
  2. Are there other ways to import Anybody files(eg.xml,etc) into
    Abaqus or ANSYS?

Hi Elizabeth,

Please post this question to the professional forum to get an answer from the licensing people at AnyBody Technology.


Hi Elizabeth,

Also please update your profile with exact information( correct name, organization name) if you want to get our support.

Best regards,