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In my work, I would like to insert a femoral fixation device in the model. I have studied from the example THA-KneeBendDemo model.

I have a question.

For example THA-KneeBendDemo model ,it have refer position implant . Using the command AnyRefNode .

1.How can we know the these numbers in the command AnyRefNode in Area ?
2.If I want to place the implant in a different location How can these numbers be located?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Pasawee

The ARel is the rotation matrix of the node. In this case the node represent the implant stl so you should adjust the ARel so your stl is oriented correctly.

The easiest is to start with no ARel and then see how the stl is loaded in.
Next you can use the Rotmat function to rotate around the different axis.

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Dear Bjørn,
Thank you for your explanation.
We have been trying to move the implant placement from right leg to left leg.
However, We don’t know commands can we use to do this.

Please tell us about this question.

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Hi @Pasawee

I'm very sorry I did not respond earlier.
Did you figure out your issue?

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