One GAIT cycle

Hello Everyone

If i am not wrong the inverse dynamic analysis of MoCAP Lower extremity model is for one GAIT cycle, how can i define the 7 Phases (find those points) of one gait cycle

How can i increase the GAIT cycle?

Even Individual muscles have different types such as Soleus 1,2,3,… What do they mean, if am not wrong do they mean different positions on the same muscle. If so what is d reference point!

If you have a recording of one or several gait cycles, you can analyse them. The standard MoCapModel has a subject doing several steps included. In the trialspecific file, you can change start and end frame.

Big muscles are divided into several branches with different insertion and origin nodes. Gluteus Maximus for example which has in reality a huge area of attachment to the bone is modeled as several individual branches with several attachment nodes.