Original setting of muscle maximal forces

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I want to ask where can I find the original setting value of muscle maximal forces?
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You can find this value in the MusPar file for each body part. For example for the leg you will find it in AMMR\Body\AAUHuman\LegTD\MusPar.any. Then look at the F0 parameter. At the top of the file you will usually found the literature reference where the data come from.

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Dear SylvainSo can I use the F0 data to multiply the muscle activities which from simulated, and get the real muscle force (N)?
And if I want to investigate the quadriceps tendon force, it’s will be the sum of VL, VM, VI, RF muscles?

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F0 is the standard value, but the real maximum force of the muscle (strength) can variate during the simulation depending on the muscle model, and it is scaled, etc.

So what you should look at is the Strength parameter of the muscle. You can find it in the ChartFX into the wanted muscle folder. This strength value multiplied by the muscle activity will give you the actual muscle force in Newtons. Note that in the list of outputs for the muscle (in the ChartFX) you can find directly the muscle force with the Ft value, so no need to do the calculation.

The sum of the VL, VM, VI, RF muscles will give a good aproximation of the quadriceps tendon force. It is an aproximation because it does not take into account the slightly different angle of each muscle. For an exact value use the AnyForceMomentMeasure.

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Dear Sylvain
Thank you for you response.
I got the directly the muscle force with the Ft value.
But this envelope of muscle activity is different from CorrectedActivity value.
So what the meaning of CorrectedActivity value?

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Hi Shuyilin,

In the tutorials there is a very good description of all the outputs of a muscle and an explanation of their meaning (including Ft, Activity, CorrectedActivity, …). Please refer to it:

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