Orthopedic AnyBody Applications for the Hip (Tony Petrella, 05. September, 2012) Pre

Hii Sir…
i Have been through the webcast mentioned above in the title there was an implant inserted between the joints … how you did that ??? i mean to ask in which section of the script do i need to make changes in order to insert the implant in my model???


you are quite free for the place to insert the implant into the model. But typically it requires to replace the joint and the standard bone geometry.

I think two good examples how to insert an implant into a model is given in the examples THA-KneeBendDemo in the Examples and the model TKA-KneeBendDemo in the Beta section of the AMMR Applications. In these models, implants are inserted for the hip and the knee, respectively, using a few include files. Maybe these models can also a good starting point for your project.

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