Output displacement

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I tried to output the displacement of some bony landmarks of the GaitFullBody model of the AMMR v1.6. But the results are confusing me.
For example in the case of the medial femur epicondyle {0.0768,-0.405,-0.0321} with respect to the global reference frame, as given in the file “ModelParameters.any”.

I used the following code in the main:

AnyOutputFile FemurLandmarks= {
FileName = “FemurLandmarks.txt”;
NumberFormat = {
Digits = 15;
Width = 22;
Style = ScientificNumber;
SepSign = " ";
LineSepSign = “”;
Header = {
TitleSectionOnOff = Off;
ConstSectionOnOff = Off;
VarSectionOnOff = Off;
ColumnNamesOnOff = On;
LinePrefix = “”;
AnyVector EpicondylusFemorisLateralis =.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Thigh.EpicondylusFemorisLateralis.r;
AnyVector EpicondylusFemorisMedialis =.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Thigh.EpicondylusFemorisMedialis.r;

The values of the displacement of the medial femur epicondyle at the beginning of the calculation {0.113, 0.415, -0.27} are different from the value {0.0768,-0.405,-0.0321} ; Why?

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As you say, “.r” is the absolute value in respect to the global ref frame. So, if you load the model, it will be at a different position. Or if you have a scaled model, the nodes will be different.

Hello Amir,

Thank you Amir for your answer!

How can I get access to the absolute value of the nodes of the scaled model wrt to the global ref frame?

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your code is correct.