Output Files


everything in the model is going well… i only need the (CorrectActivity) for many muscles as a result from the simulation.

is there any way i can get the values for these certain muscles in a text file without copying them (one by one) from the (Chart FX) … because that is taking too much time since i will run simulation many times.

and im too limited in time… Please help me with that :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Hi Zayd,
you can use an AnyOutPutFile for this, insert something like this in your study:
AnyOutputFile output =
FileName = “CorAct.txt”;
AnyFloat v1 = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.MusclesSpine.Spinalis.SPL1T3.CorrectedActivity; //add whatever you need
Best regards,