Output for group of muscles


I’m working with ArmCurl model and I want to get in each step of time 6 muscles, which Fm parameter is largest than Fm parameter of other muscles.
I’m using AnySearchFun “Main.HumanModel.BodyModel...Mus.*.Fm” to create the array with Fm of all muscles. After InverseDynamics I get array, which dimention is [NumberOfMuscles*nStep].

Is it possible in AB to send into output only 6 largest by Fm parameter muscles with names of this muscles in each step of time?


With the Max function you can extract the 1 largest muscle force but it is not posible to select “only the 6 largest”.
Maybe you can do it in mathlab for example if you import the output file containing all muscle names and forces.

Best regards, Sylvain.

I’ve got one another question about AnySearchFun.
Is it possible to get the dimension of AnyString’s array from AnySearchFun?

Hi ,
It seems that this not possible…

If you search for AnySearchFun in the reference manual and open up the sample file (see bottom of description). Then you will find a small example of the use of the search function, when the results of the search function is used you can get the dimension of the array “v” but not on the “sf” object it self.

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