Output marker data


As for the GaitLowerExtremityModel if it is possible to store the experimental marker data.
I try to output marker trajectories as txt data but failed.
AnyMatrix markerpos = Main.ModelSetup.C3DFileData.Points.Markers.C7.Pos;
Could you please provide me with some suggestions?

I know how to output the joint force and moments but have no idea on the marker trajectories output.

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Hi John,

Please try to output this quantity


I think this is what you will need.

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Hi Søren,
I have included this in the model but one error occurred. The AMMR I used is 1.6.
Could you please provide me some suggestions?

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Yinghu Peng

Hi Yinghu,

I copied these lines from the ModelTree in a AMMR 2.X model, so there might be small difference in exact path but concept is same.

Please try to browse one of you marker drivers like e.g. a knee marker in the ModelTree the find the corresponding quantity.

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