overload muscle configuration

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I’m currently working on different MoCap Models - more precise I used the lower extremity models in the plug-in-gait_simple folder to create my own models. Four of six models show the error overloaded muscle configuration during the inverse dynamics analysis. The analysis doesn’t stop, but I’m not happy with this error anyway,because I don’t think I can just ignore it. I tried to change the initial position and the weight on the markers (up to 0.1), but the error occurs anyway.
What can I do to solve this problem and what does the weight classes exactly do in the marker definition?

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This is where the muscle overload occurs in all affected models (see attachement). Maybe it might relate to the changed gravity in z direction. I don’t know, if I did everything right regarding the gravity changes.

Dear Kathrin,

There can be many reasons which may make your human model overloaded in some muscle activations.

  1. With respect to your first question about the weight factors for marker class, those weight factor means that in the inverse kinematics the human model will follow a specific marker stronger if the corresponding weight factor is higher than others.

  2. Of course, in any of your MoCap models, it is very important to set the right gravity direction which should be as same as that of your real laboratory setting.

  3. When I see your attachment, it seems that the COP(center of pressure) is out of the foot projection area, which does not look nice. Maybe one of the things that you can try to test is to adjust the cut-off frequencies of your marker filters if there are a lot of noise.

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Hi MJ,

thank you for your reply. I would like to try to adjust the cut-off- frequencies, but unfortunately I don’t know where and how to change it.

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Hi Kathrin,

Sorry for late reply.

In your ‘LabSpecificData.any’ file, you can add the following line in order to change the cut off frequency of the marker filter:


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The marker at black circle include many markers example LTH1,LFIN,RFIN,LSHO average 12 markers.
Before at the motion capture(.c3d) I check the markers show that its correct position but when I import to Anybody show that in attached picture.What is the problem and Have a solution?

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The picture indicates there is a number of markers which are out of camera view and consequently their coordinates are at 0,0,0 . so it is a data problem.

You can try to start the analysis a little later if the markers are appearing again later in the trial.

This can be done in the TrialSpecific,.any file by altering the FirstFrame number.

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