Own c3d-markerset to GaitLowerExremity


i have a short question: I try to apply a own markerset to the model. But when i open the model view it looks like this (see attachment). What is happens?

Thanks for any tipps!

if you are refering to the red lines: These are the marker trajectories of your C3D file. You can disable the display by setting ConstructChartOnOff=Off;
in the ModelSetup file and the AnyInputC3d

Thank you for your answer. But why all lines (trajectories) concentrate in one point? In the AnyBody example files the trajectories have a uniquely defined start and end.

I assume its because at the beginning and end of your measurement the markers have 0,0,0 as coordiates. This doesn’t matter at all. In the AnyBody example the C3d is just nicer cut at start and end.
You just have to set your start time and end time of the analysis to avoid this extreme positions.
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