Passing Vibration Values As Parameters

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if someone here could give me an answer about my question…

My case is, i want to measure the effect of vibration to the arms of driver or pilot.

Is it possible to pass some VIBRATIONS VALUES into AnyBody Human Model as the parameters ?

Thank you very much for you help.

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From the point-of-view of model development, this is possible. You can measure the motion of whatever the pilot is holding on to, save the motion on a file, and import the motion into an interpolation function, which can drive the hands of the pilot with the same vibration.

However, this only makes sense for vibrations that are large and slow enough for the pilot’s muscles to respond voluntarily to the position oscillation. This is not the case with fast vibrations, to which the body will usually respond with stiffening by co-contraction. In AnyBody, the model will respond to each little vibration no matter how fast it is.

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