Pos and Constraints.Pos

I am using Anybody Mocap model now.
And I want to know joint angles by using this model.

In “Chart”, there are may items.
But I can’t understand what is different from Pos and Constraints.Pos.

In “Help” menu, they are described “The position vector of the joint coordinates.” and “The position vector, i.e., the current values of the measured quantity.”
I can’t understand “measured quantity”.

So, I want to know there difference.
Thanks for your any replies.


  1. If you read the ‘Pos’ values from some drivers such as AnyKinEqSimpleDriver, that value should be zero(almost close to zero) if the constraint could be satisfied.
    If that value is beyond the threshold of AnyBodyStudy’s kinematic solver setting then the kinematic analysis will fail.

  2. If you read the ‘Pos’ values of any kinematic measures(for instance, AnyKinLinear or AnyKinRotational), then those values will be the values that you may understand well such and distances or angles.

I hope this will be helpful to you.

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