postscript output


for large posters high resolution graphics sometimes exceed the graphic cards possibilities and the generated figures are becoming quite memory demanding.
Would it be possible to create vector postscript output? All the different parts (muscles, segments, ligaments, joints) are geometrically describable. So at least in theory it should be possible to generate small and scaleable ps/eps outputs.

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Dear Thomaz,

Thank you for your opinions.

I’ve forwarded this to our development team and they may consider whether this will be possible in our future release or not.

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The AnyBody modelview (and chartview) uses OpenSceneGraph (which is an abstraction layer built on top of OpenGL) to render the AnyBody model. In order to create a vector postscript (or other vector image format) output, it would be necessary to build a completely new renderer for this purpose, and for the short (and probably long) term this is not likely to happen.

A workaround for creating very high resolution output would be to use multiple AnyCameraRecorders to render sections of a high-resolution output, and then create a single high-resolution image from these sections either manually or through some external Tool (it would probably be easy to make some Python code which could do this).

If this is a need you often have, it might be an idea to make either an AnyBody class template or a reusable include file which can position a number of “slave” cameras from a single master camera.