Posture after Initial Conditions

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the posture after the initial conditions have been executed.

I’ am using the HumanStanding Model and want to compute the max Muscle Activity of several “pushup postures”. I have set up a corresponding model and everything works just fine. There’s only one problem: Additional to the max Muscle Activity I want to know the exact joint angles of the model after the inverse dynamic has been executed. The Problem is that the initial conditions “change” the drivers (e.g Knee flexion or Hip flexion) I have defined in the mannequin file, to fit my kinematical constrains(Feet and hands on the ground). Until now I couldn’t find the values of the drivers after the initial conditions have been executed. (If I set the “mannequin-drivers as hard drivers the initial conditions of course won’t work because my predefined drivers do not fit my kinematical constrains)
Could you please help me to find them?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear Alexwo,

You can find the current status of human joint angles here in the model tree:

Best regards,