pressure measuring

1-how can i measure the pressure in which saddle of bike was effected?
in bike model there was Fx , Fy and Fz componet that exerted to one point on pelvis, that is force and i cant find out pressure value exerted to saddle and pelvis.
2- what is different between net muscle moment and only net moment in the joint of legs?

i want to measure the pressure exerted to pelvis or saddle in bike model?
is that correct to use force in joint of pelvis and saddle and divide it to saddle area? are there any other solve to measer exact pressure value?


Well, not 100% - the pressure distribution is, of course, not uniform. But it is the best we can guess for the simplified pressure measurement.

An option is to use surface to surface contact force algorithms if you want another level of detail. Please check our Force-Dependent Kinematics (FDK) tutorial and the chapter on surface contact forces: Surface contact forces.

However, that will not take into account elastic deformations of the human body parts. A more detailed approach was used by Christian Gammelgaard Olesen from the AnyBody Research Group to investigate pressure ulcers:
Pressure Ulcers