Probably a simple question

Hello there, I am a beginner anybody user, I have an 4.1 version installed and I need to run some test on an model, the model is of a seated human, it has forces and everything in it, the forces are hitting him right in the chest, but I need to modify the position of the seated human so the forces will hit him in the side. Basically I need to turn him and the chair on witch he is seated 90 degrees in one or another direction. I imagine it is a simple task but not when you do not have the know how…
Thank you

Dear Andrei Farkas,

Usually most of our models have their own ‘Mannequin.any’ file where you can adjust the initial posture of the human model.

By the way, it seems that you are using our AMS 4.1 version.

Now the latest version is AMS 6.0.5. And we usually do not support old versions which is older than AMS 5.3.

Because there are many improvements in our recent versions, please consider to upgrade to our latest versions.

Best regards,