Problem converting xml file to ANSYS APDL language (txt.)

Hi ,everybody

I studied Chapter 13. Finite Element Analysis Interfacing ,Lesson 2: ANSYS Interface in Any Tutorials.
I am having trouble converting xml file to ANSYS APDL language (txt.).
I have followed the method but nothing happens in files_out
I have run AnyFE2APDL.exe , it shows No valid license has been found but I have Anybody license.
I don't know what to do next.
I need to help.

Hi, Pasawee

As I remembered, the AnyFE2APDL requires the license under maintenance.

Hi @Pasawee

@Nickel_Lee is on to the right path. Running the AnyFE2APDL tool requires a valid maintenance on the AnyBody Modeling Software. Further, you need to put your license file next to the exe file of the tool and name it license.lic

Best regards,

Thank you everyone.
I have now fixed the problem.

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