Problem ligament order model

Hi All

I have problem about Anybody. I can run model “KneeLoad.main.any” in the order hand I can’t run order model(GaitVaughan.main.any) because program have result error in code name “ligament.any”
You can check in directory (I attachment)


Why ligament model that I add in code Repository can run KneeLoad.main.any only ?

You can advice me? What should I do?

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Hi Wongsakorn,

The problem is that you defined the ligament to be on the right leg only by using this reference:

AnySeg &Thighref = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Thigh;

So it works well with the KneeLoad model because it only have the right leg. But the GaitVaughan model has to legs. And the way it is now the ligament is applied to times to the right leg and not to the left.
You have to change the reference to a relative path instead pointing to no specific side.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thank You for answer.