problem loading MoCap GM foot model

just started using the software and this error message pops up

ERROR(SCR.EXP.FUN.EXT4) : ‘ObjectName’ : AnyBody.Python extension module is not installed or does not match installed version of Python.

This error arises if neither of AnyBody’s Python interfaces matches any of the installed Python versions. AnyBody’s binaries contain the folder called AnyBody.Python, which contains the Python interfaces, such as AnyBody.Python.2.x.dll for version 2.x of Python. If a matching dll for the installed version of Python does not exist, interfacing cannot happen.

not sure how to resolve cheers


I think you should install the latest Python 2.x versions.

You can download from here:

If you have installed x64 version of AnyBody, then you also have to install x64 version of Python 2.x versions.

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