Problem on creating node on exoskeleton parts

I have been working on an leg exoskeleton but haven't been able to create a node on exoskeleton and subsequently able to make a connection between the thigh and thaigh part of exoskeleton. I don't know what is the problem. I can see the file name of the exoskeleton is alright but it shows this error. can anyone please tell me how to solve the issue. I have added the screeshot of the error and code I am using.

Hi Nahidul,

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The error message says that the object 'EXO_RIG_WithoutHuman' is an unresolved object. So the path that you specified in line 4 of Joint_file.any is incorrect. Normally, even in this state, you should be able to see a part of the model tree. Can you try to expand the model tree following the path that you have? So you start from Main, then under Main you look for EXO_RIG_WithoutHuman and expand that and then look for EXO_RIG_WithoutHuman again and so on..

You will see that at some level, you will not find the object.

Any you just need to update the statement to point to the correct location on the model tree.

I hope this helps.

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