Problem w/ Applying External Forces to Model


Edit: Never mind, issue resolved. [/b]


I am currently part of a project team at Rutger’s Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology. Our goal is to model a human body with a backpack, and analyze how excessive loads can cause damage to it.

Our idea was to utilize models from the repository: StandingModel and GaitFullBody (which can simulate walking). However, we have run into several issues while attaching a backpack to the models. While we tried to import a shoulder-bag from another model, it was unable to be positioned correctly. In additionally, it indicated that the model was “kinematically over-constrained,” when we tried to apply weight to it.

An alternative method would be to manually apply external force to the model. While I have found a way to do so with the StandingModel (by altering the load values), I’m not sure how to replicate that with the GaitFullBody.

It would be kind of you to provide any form of help, as we are inexperienced with the software. The backpack would ideally be attached in this fashion, although I understand that it is an extremely outdated model. Although we cannot access the program again until Thursday, any advice would be much appreciated.


Using AMMR version 1.5

Edit: Apparently adding a backpack model does not add weight. However, it would still be nice for visual appearances. However, there is still the problem of adding weight to the GaitFullBody model.

DEar BEnjamin,

here is the standing model with a backpack. It runs only in AMMR 1.6. It is a very simple approach neglecting several aspects! It includes a load. Everything is done in the environment file.
Something similar could be done with the GaitModel, but be aware, that it uses measured ground reaction forces without a backpack.