Problem when using my own data in AnyMocap model


I am trying to use my own data in AnyMocap model for the walking activity following this guide:

The first subject worked as intended but when I tried with other subjects it was not so successful. More specifically, on the model view the subjects seem to make very small steps and barely lift their lower limbs.
All of the subjects have the same marker dataset and I have not changed anything in the script apart from entering weight and height.

I would appreciate your help.

Best regards,
Konstantinos Tsiouris

Hi @Kostas

Are you using one of the Mocap example models from the AMMR?
It sounds like you need to check the duration of the study you are running.

  • Are you adjusting the startframe, lastframe, tStart, nStep and tEnd variables to match you trial?
  • have you checked that the forceplatform settings are as in you experiment?
  • have you cheked that the preset markerprotocol matches the one you used?

I hope this can get you forward

Best regards,
AnyBody Technology

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