Problem with constraints

I’m trying to model a flexion task in StandingModel and I need the legs fixed in the vertical direction (Instead of CoM driver). I’ve deleted the CoM driver from “JointsAndDrivers.any” folder and altered a Driver for the hip joint as follows:

AnyKinEqSimpleDriver HipMotion= {
AnyJoint &Jnt=Main.HumanModel.BodyModel..Leg.Jnt.Hip;
DriverPos = {-90
pi/180}; // Vertical upper leg
DriverVel = {0.0};
Reaction.Type = {Off};

What is the problem with this driver? I get an error like this:

ERROR(SCR.SCN6) : C:/U…s/M…d/D…p/A…5/A…n/A…0/Body/A…n/B…s/i…e/MannequinDrivers.any : GLOBAL_DRIVER_SWITCH : Unexpected.

Please help me to handle this problem. I’m using AMS v4.
Best Regards.

Hi Mohamad,

This is the self-supported forum.

If you want to get our official support, please upload your ‘full’ model as a zip file in the following section:

And please write the exact version of AMS and AMMR.

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