Problem with file: Unexpected end of line in data file

Hi, AnyBody,

I got the error message when I loaded my model:

[SIZE=2]Configuring model…
Model Warning: Study ‘Main.Study’ contains too few kinematic constraints to be kinematically determinate.
Evaluating model…
[/SIZE]ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) : C:/D…s/A…r/D…p/A…s/A…1/A…1/A…n/E…s/C…e/NewJointsAndDrivers.any : CervicalFlexionDriver.FileName : Problem with file : C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Anybody Tutorials\AMMRV1.1\AMMRV1.1\Application\Examples\Copy of SumanStandingCervicalMove\NeckFlexionInput.txt(line #: 1) : Unexpected end of line in data file.

The human model is full body model with all neck muscles;
I tried to drive the model with joint angles provided by my marker free motion analysis system. The joint angles are not totally the same as those used in AnyBody. So I used AnyKinEqInterPolDriver with external text file, and AnyKinEqSimpleDriver for those joint I don’t have experimental angles data.
For example: in the attached text file, the first colums data is time, the second if the neck flexion anotomic angle data.

My model almost goes to the last step when loading. It doesn’t matter even I copied the text files from other examples if the problem is about the text file format.

What is the problem about? What kind of data should I include in the text file?..

Thank you!