Problem with GaitLower Extremity with new C3D files!

Dear AnyBody Support
I am trying to run “GaitLowerExtremity” model with a C3D file obtained from a patient . So , I defined the marker labels in the model (in ModelSetup) and introduced the forceplate channels in “Enviroment.any. The model can succefully pass the “MotionAndParameterOptimization” and calculate the joint angles . However I have two problems (1) while trying to run “MotionAndParameterOptimization” with all of our three available force plates included in " Enviroment.any” . My model calculates the joint angles well but only with one force plate included not all three force plates and (2) while trying to run “InverseDynamic” .

In both problems the error is :

Evaluating constants…
ERROR(SCR.EXP3) : D:/RUSH/f…y/A…n/E…s/G…y/EnvironmentAutoDetection.any : Defined At : D:/RUSH/f…y/Body/A…n/T…x/M…p/ForcePlateType2AutoDetection.any : ‘sRel’ : Index [1] out of range for ‘AnyFloat[1][4][3]’
Model loading skipped

Any help is greatly appreciated . I am not very professional on AnyBody by the way :frowning: . Just one more observation : When I try to run my model , both in "“MotionAndParameterOptimization” or “InverseDynamic”, the blue arrows related to GRF does not appear ! while I think they should appear while running the model .

By the way , would you please let me know How I can upload my model here ? well, it is the model that is available in Repository in AnyGait. but please let me know IF i should upload my model to find the mistake . Thank you

Dear Mostafa,

We usually cannot give support for old models. GaitLowerExtremity has been replaced 2 years ago with the MocapModel.
I would assume that there is something wrong in the Forceplate recordings. please upload you C3D by just attaching it her to a post.

I just figured out the problem so my model works well both for motion optimization and inverse dynamic
just a simple issue I think :
why I can not see the blow arrow of GRF in inverse dynamic while the model steps on force plate ??

Dear Amir
Please find the attached C3D files . Many thanks for your help !

Dear Mostafah,
what code are you using for the forceplates? AutoDetection?