Problem with textbased macro when using backslahes


I am creating my own project, and one important aspect (for me at least) is to create a project which is able to load and store data from a project folder structure (see This works for everything except the macro that stores optimized parameter values, which in the default model ( AMMRV1.3 GaitLowerExtremityProject) is:

“classoperation Main.Studies.ParameterIdentification” + strformat("\x22")+ “Load design” + strformat("\x22")+ " --file="+ strformat("\x22")+ Main.TrialSpecificData.NameOfFile +"-"+“OptimizedParameters.txt” + strformat("\x22")

However, I cannot find a way to store this in my project output folder. When ‘Main.TrialSpecificData.NameOfFile’ is a string containing backslashes to point out the correct destination folder, the macro ignores the backslashes. Is there a way to solve this (by adding the folder location to store the parameters inside the macro)?

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Bart Koning

Hi Bart,

Sorry for the slow respond to this one.

Please have a look at the sample code below and let me know if this will solve the problem.

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AnyOperationMacro SaveWidgetValues = { 
      "classoperation Main" + " " + strquote("Save Values") + " --file=" + strquote(FilePathCompleteOf(Main.ModelSetup.FileNames.WidgetValues )) 

 AnyFolder FileNames={
    //Definition of file names
      AnyFileVar WidgetValues = Main.TrialSpecificData.NameOfFile + ".anyset";

1\ The problem with saving of the widget values is already solved by entering the correct pathname (as this is not saved using a macro):

  Files = {
      SetValueFile = Main.TrialSpecificData.OutputFolder +  Main.TrialSpecificData.ExportName+"-MarkerPositionWidgetValues.txt";

2\ For saving the optimized parameters I first tried your approach, which works :-).

However, I noticed just noticed the stringformat in the default macro:

AnyOperationMacro CurrentSequence  = { 
      "operation Main.Studies.KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification.Kinematics",

… just removing the strformat() worked as well. Is there a specific reason for using this format type? Or is it alright just to remove it?

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Hi Bart,

I think the strformat is a left over… the same script was used elsewhere where this was needed.

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