Problems of title and legend area using AnyChart


I added a simple AnyChart object in the model view of AnyBody.

I attached the zip compressed file of the model and its capture image file.

I could not solve two problems.

  1. I defined ‘Style.Title.Text’ member of the AnyChart object. But I could not see the title of the chart in the model view. Could you explain what my mistake is?

  2. When I set ‘Legend.Visible=On’ then I could see the legends of the series on the right portion of the model view. The model view was divided into two sections. But I could not set the width of the divided region for the legends. Is there a right way to set the width of the legend area?

Thanks for reading this post and I hope to get your advice.

Best regards,

Hi Moonki,

I think you didn’t made any mistake for the title. It very much looks like a bug. We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.
And for the legend there are no parameters to control the size, so that is not possible for the moment.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for your reply. I hope that the bug will be fixed in future.

Best regards,

Hi Moonki,

I’m just interested on drawing the result in the model view, and found this issue here yesterday.
I had try to write AnyChart from the “Classes, AnyChart”, but it still have some errors.
And I had try your code, it fails and don’t know if the problem is using different version.
And I can’t find the related issues from AnyBody wiki.
so I’m here to ask if you can help me or there is a tutorial about this issue.

The AnyBody I’m using is version 6.0.3 and AMMRV1.3.

Best regards,

Hi Yeh,

Please have a look at the mandible model in the repository it is placed in the folder Application/Validation/MandibleChewingAndClenching

This model provides an example of having charts displayed in the ModelView.

If this example does not help, please post more details on what goes wrong in you case.

Best regards

Hi, Søren

Thank you very much, that’s what I looking for.
I’ll start to read it, and if there’s problem I’ll ask you again :slight_smile: