Qualisys and anybody,ERROR:Numerical value of StartVal is out of range

I am using a sample project 'paf-anybody-example-main' with qualisys motion capture systems and anybody.After successfully collecting motion capture data, when I attempted to load 'main.any' located in the 'static' folder under IOR, an ERROR occurred. Below is the ERROR information:

ERROR(SCR.EXP0) :   ForcePlates.any(16)  :     Defined at :   ForcePlateTypes.any(479)  :   UpdFunData  :  Error in evaluation. Please refer to the following error messages for details ...
ERROR(OBJ5) :   ForcePlates.any(16)  :     Defined at :   ForcePlateAutoDetection.any(375)  :   farr ( AnyFloatVar StartVal, AnyFloatVar StepVal, AnyIntVar ValCount ) : Error in argument no.1 : StartVal  :  Numerical value of StartVal is out of range :  [0.0000e+00..0.0000e+00]

The error position reported is this:

  AnyFloatVar tStart = C3D_OBJECT.Header.FirstFrameNo/C3D_OBJECT.Header.VideoFrameRate;
  AnyFloatVar tEnd =  (C3D_OBJECT.Header.LastFrameNo+1)/C3D_OBJECT.Header.VideoFrameRate;
  AnyInt NoAnalogData= (C3D_OBJECT.Header.LastFrameNo - C3D_OBJECT.Header.FirstFrameNo +1)*C3D_OBJECT.Header.NoAnalogSamplesPer3DFrame;
  AnyFloat Time= farr( tStart, (tEnd-tStart)/( NoAnalogData - 1) ,  NoAnalogData);

How to solve this problem?

Hi Zyax,

The problem with ForcePlates can happen as these must be manually adjusted by the user. The model template is specific to the lab setup as far as force plates are concerned, and it will not be automatically updated. Therefore, you will need to manually adjust the ForcePlates.any file.

I suspect, you may have to update the number of force plates or the forceplate type in your model.

Best regards,

thanks,I have successfully solved this problem, which arose because I did not configure the force plate correctly in qualisys.